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A class social and our first 45 year class reunion kick off meeting was held Saturday February 24th in Tifton. The function was hosted by Harriett Grantham Lawrence at her home on Park Ave. We had lots of good food, good fellowship, and a little planning. Everyone brought a covered dish and Van Dow cooked the hamburgers on his custom made grill. I guess that the highlight of the get-together was when Jackie Jackson convinced Kano Goff that he was eating Harriett's potpourri when he thought he was eating some snack mix. A good time was had by all.

Attending:    Harriett Grantham Lawrence, Vickie Blalock Hester, Jeannie Barkuloo Brown, Winkie Falotico Wright, Marx Ann Wells Myddelton, Van Dow, Everett and Mary Alice Connell Griner, Ben and Kathy Lunden Patrick, Pat and Linda Atwater, Kano and Wanda Goff, Wayne and Sandra Tucker Matthews, Steve and Louise Calhoun Woodham, Jackie and Anita Jackson, Chris and Faye Tyson Smith, Charles and Linda Flowers Petty, Dean and Carolyn Eason Hilliard, and Bobby and Rhonda Robbins Hobby

Sandra, Vickie, Louise


Group Discussion

Everett, Jeannie Barkuloo Brown, Mary Alice Connell Griner

Linda Flowers Petty, Charles Petty, Anita Jackson, Jackie, Kano

Winkie, Carolyn, Dean, Marx Ann

Jeannie, Mary Alice, Wanda Goff, Steve Woodham, Louise

Vickie, Sandra, Wayne Matthews

Faye Tyson Smith, Chris Smith

Rhonda, Linda and Pat Atwater, Winkie, Carolyn and Dean

Group Discussion


Eating CAKE

Winkie, Harriett, Kano, Jackie

Serious Talk

Jackie and Mary Alice

Linda, Rhonda, Faye, Van

Harriett and Wanda (Kano) Goff

Charles, Linda Atwater